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Happy Anniversary!

No, it’s not the anniversary of when Gerald and I first met or went on our first date – ‘cause I don’t actually remember when that was (actually I think we did start dating around this time four years ago). We have been here in Rankin exactly 1 year. It has gone by so incredibly fast. I can say that we are quite settled in and have gotten to know a lot of people.

Our first weekend in Rankin last year there was a volleyball tournament going on and Gerald and I both said we would love to be able to play in that next year. A year later, we accomplished our goals! My team ordered bright pink jerseys, which included extremely tight shorts. But I didn’t mind too much as I hadn’t had a jersey since high school. We had a minimum of 7 games to play over 4 days and I was pretty confident that I was in good shape for it. But by the end of the day Saturday I was already hurting and it took me a long time to warm up for my game the next morning. There were three ladies teams from Rankin, two men’s teams. For ladies, Rankin has historically won the tournament, however that was not the team I was on. There was also a team of younger ladies and then ours. I’ve played with this team in a couple tournaments and our track record is generally to play poorer that what we are capable of. Unfortunately, we followed that pattern again. But we did get third place out of 8 teams although we really had to fight for it. Gerald’s team ended up second place.
Summer ended early (earlier than I expected) and fast. We had a lot of fog near the end of August, which during one week meant no planes for a few days. We’ve also been getting a lot of rain and/or wind. It’s snowed a few times throughout September but this past weekend is the first time it stayed on the ground for awhile.
I traveled to Arviat again for work. It was the first place I traveled to last fall.
It is kind of nice traveling now as I know what to expect for accommodations, understand the limited time frame for ordering meals, and am not surprised to see a half eaten bag of chips in my room (this time I knew it was meant for me....not that it stopped me before from eating what was left behind). But it certainly is less exciting to visit these towns the second time. There’s no need for a tour to see where the Northern & Coop are located. It also seemed quieter as far as other travelers. It could have been because summer was just ending and the corporate travelers were just returning from vacation.
Work was extremely quiet for me all summer. Everyone said that summer was quiet in the north but I really didn’t understand until I experienced it. I was supposed to get so much done during that time but I didn’t accomplish much. Our office is so small and there were times when everyone else was either on holidays or traveling for work so it was hard to stay motivated on those days. Anyways, I’ve been scrambling the last few weeks as I had to work on our annual corporate plan and we have another board of directors meeting coming up.
I’ve hit the one-year comfort period with my job, where I no longer feel clueless but am still motivated to make changes and improvements. I know there will be upcoming changes with our company but am not sure of the extent. Since I started work, our President has not had a contract (he is appointed by Cabinet). In June we found out that he would not be reappointed and the government would be recruiting for a new President. So we’ll see what changes that brings about.
Near the end of August we had a going away party for a member that was leaving. It was a lot of fun and I think I stayed out until 3am. The day of the party had been quite busy as we decorated the hall and then had to work a bingo to raise money for softball. Bingo was actually quite enjoyable to work as we had other people to visit with the whole time. With being so busy I didn’t eat as much as I should have before going to the party....and I wasn’t in the right state of mind to remember to eat before going to bed. Needless to say, Sunday was a very unproductive day.

There was an arts and crafts festival in town at the beginning of September. They had a lot of Inuit dolls on display that were just amazing. I went to a fashion show the one night and I also was amazed at how good some of the coats looked. I felt pretty proud as one of our subsidiary companies makes sealskin clothing and accessories and some of the pieces were from there. Susan Aglukark was one of the guest speakers before the show.

I went out to the legion a few weeks ago and then again the next weekend for our baseball social. It’s amazing how many people I know now when I go out.

We had an amazing experience a couple weeks ago as we were finally able to go boating. It was a bit cold but we dressed up for it and the sun was out for at least half the time. We went out to Marble Island, which is 40 km out. I didn’t realize we’d have a chance to see any animals and the people we were with actually successfully hunted a beluga whale. I think Gerald was a bit concerned about how I would react but it didn’t bother me at all. I’m even thinking I may go out Caribou hunting one time yet. I’ve added some pictures below, just the before ones….

Chubbie is getting good at leaping and catching the ball in mid air. He still spills his water all the time and I tried super gluing his water dish to the deck but that only lasted for a couple hours. He’s also managed to chew on everything in his reach, including the doorframe so we’re just starting to lock him out of the porch. He only used his doghouse one night that we know of when the temperature must have really dropped. We have friends that provide monthly updates on how their kids are changing and I’m realizing that’s what this sounds like! That reminds me, I should update the cats profiles on facebook…..

This is a bad day to write about him as I made the mistake of setting down a box of wine bottles with my mail on top as I went to pick up one of his dishes. I forgot to go back for the box and when I finished lunch I went outside to find the box in shreds, our mail all over ours, and neighboring yards, and luckily no broken bottles. Shortly after I left the quad beside the porch (usually it’s parked out of his reach). I’m in the house for less than 10 minutes when Gerald calls from his office (two buildings away) to say that he can see Chubbie chewing something on the quad. I come outside to find my helmet 10 feet away and shredded rubber pieces from the handles (not important pieces – but still!). Of course the whole time I’m trying to clean up he’s jumping all over me! He’s lucky he’s cute.

I’m slowly figuring out the rest of the details for the wedding. I can’t believe it’s less than two months away. We booked all the flights and managed to get the ones out of Rankin (the most expensive of course) on aeroplan. We’ve had a few people back out that’s been disappointing but one of them was due to yet another pregnancy (I think half our guests have babies under the age of 1) so that’s also exciting. There’s also been a few confirmed that we didn’t think would be able to make it so those are nice surprises. My dress has just been finished and it fits perfectly – which is too bad because I needed some incentive to eat healthy for the next month.

We just received our sealift order which is a third of the size of last years order. We still have a tonne of granola bars, KD, soup and baking supplies from last years order. It was exciting to get the stuff though and we managed to sample all of the few snacks that we bought the first night it arrived.

That’s about it for now. 5 weeks until we leave on holidays – 6 until we are in Maui!! Most of the pictures below are just random town shots that I recently noticed we had never taken.

Rankin airport

Baseball diamond - where we often got a cold breeze off the ocean

My office, including "Ivalu" arts & crafts store

Chubbie playing at Stewie's place

Containers being unloaded by the barge (note the vehicles coming out of the containers on the left)

A beluga whale coming up for air in front of Marble island

Joe, myself, and Gerald crawling onto Marble island - tradition, if it is your first visit



Beluga Anyone??

Jaoob was a little concerned that killing a whale didn't bother you. I explained to him that up there it is literally a way of life. He seemed content with that, but he's a kid that files away stuff, so be prepard for questions!


Re: Beluga Anyone??

I can just imagine that question coming up again - in the middle of a completely unrelated conversation! But it's a hard thing for a lot of adults to understand, let alond kids.



It is nice to know that there are a high percentage of American vehicles in Nunavut :-)